Code of Conduct

Our commitment to people leads us to comply with this Code of Conduct. Our future depends to a large extent on these values and affects all of its employees.

1- Quality:
Quality is integrated throughout the entire production process of the company and therefore in the work of our entire team. Each of them must be fully committed to providing quality products to our customers.

2-Health and environmental protection:
We provide safety measures to ensure that the number of occupational and environmental incidents is kept to a minimum. In order to achieve this objective, workers must inform their superior of any event or risk in order to be able to correct or take the appropriate measures. Always focusing on improving employee safety and our environmental surroundings.

3-Equal opportunities:
IQRaisa values the work of its employees and recognizes them as an essential part of the company’s development. Our corporate commitment is based on non-discriminatory labor practices. It also reiterates the duty of all employees to treat colleagues and superiors in a fair, polite and respectful manner.
IQRaisa does not tolerate any type of verbal, physical or electronic discrimination, harassment or intimidation.

4- Conflicts of interest:
Situations that create a conflict between an employee’s personal interests and the interests of the company itself should be avoided.

No employee shall offer payments or gifts to third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) for the purpose of obtaining or retaining a commercial benefit of any kind. Bribes and similar payments are not permitted. Likewise, employees may not request or accept such payments.

6-Company gifts:
It is prohibited to offer, solicit or accept gifts and donations related to our activity. However, courtesies and gifts of small monetary value may be offered and accepted out of mere courtesy without violating any law.

7-Third party confidentiality
IQRaisa guarantees to respect the confidentiality and privacy of third party data in its possession. The company undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the data it has concerning third parties, without prejudice to the legal, administrative or judicial provisions that require it to be handed over to entities or persons or to be made public. Likewise, IQRaisa guarantees the right of affected third parties to consult and promote the modification or rectification of the data when necessary. IQRaisa employees, in the performance of their professional activity, shall keep the confidentiality of the data in the terms set forth above and shall refrain from any inappropriate use of this information.

8-Commitment to the environment:
IQRaisa seeks the greatest possible respect for the environment in which it carries out its activities and minimizes the negative effects that, eventually, these could cause. It provides its employees with the most appropriate means for this purpose. IQRaisa will contribute to the conservation of natural resources and areas of ecological, scenic, scientific or cultural interest. To this end, it shall establish best practices and promote the knowledge and use of these practices among its employees.

9-Use and protection of internal information

The products, services, ideas, concepts and other information that IQRaisa produces on a daily basis is confidential information of the company. IQRaisa employees have a duty to protect and carefully use the company’s business assets.
Confidentiality of sensitive information and trade secrets must be maintained. IQRaisa employees must not disclose confidential or sensitive information.

10-Data privacy:
IQRaisa respects the privacy of its employees, customers, business partners and third parties who share their personal information with us. IQRaisa employees must ensure that all personal information collected by the company is treated with care, protected and used within the law.

11- Social networks
IQRaisa expects its employees to observe the same guidelines for professional conduct on the Internet as they would in the workplace, and to preserve confidentiality online.

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